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3rd-29th: Youth Volleyball, soccer, Girls Softball, Flag Football & Track & Field sign-ups open 9:00am 
10th-3/17: Men’s Spring Basketball Sign-ups open 9:00am
11th & 13th: 
CPR & First Aid Class 5:00pm
17th: President’s Day; alternate public swim hours
20th: Triathlon Course Preview
20th: Health & Wellness Class 6:30pm
21st: Triathlon Course Preview 6:00pm
22nd: Indoor Triathlon 7:00pm
22nd: Water Polo Clinic; registration 9:00am
24th: Lifeguard Training Pre-Screen 6:00pm
28th-29th: Water Polo Pre-Season Mini Tournament


2nd-23rd: Co-Ed & Women’s Volleyball Sign-ups open 9:00am
Utah Age Group State Championships; check for facility closures
14th: Excel in 6 Finale
16th: Board Meeting 3:30pm
17th: Water Safety Instructor Pre-Screen 6:00pm
19th: Health & Wellness Class 6:30pm
19th-22nd: Iron Cup; check for Ice closures 
20th: Triathlon Course Preview
21st: Indoor Triathlon 7:00pm
23rd: No School; alternate public swim hours
26th-28th: Water Polo Tournament
30th-April 3rd: Spring Break; alternate public swim hours


March 30th-April 3rd: Spring Break; alternate public swim hours
1st-27th: Softball, T-ball & Coach Pitch sign-ups open 9:00am
Egg Dive
6th: Anniversary Celebration
 Health & Wellness Class 6:30pm
Board Meeting 3:30pm
20th: Class A Lifeguard Training Pre-Screen 6:00pm
21st: Class B Lifeguard Training Pre-Screen 6:00pm
21st & 23rd: CPR & First Aid Class 5:00pm
24th & 25th: Spring Ice Show 7:00pm
25th: 5K Recycle Run 9:00am

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