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South Davis Water Polo

Water polo is an excellent team sport for those who love to swim. High School swim team members can stay in shape during the off season and learn to enjoy and be passionate about a new sport, and non-swim team members become a part of an aquatic sport they will love. Swim team experience is not required.

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Learn to Play Water Polo

The intent of this program is to provide basic skills and understanding of the sport in a recreational format. This summer program will be used for preparing for fall league water polo where there will be competitive games each Saturday from the end of August through October. Fall League begins mid August.

Pricing:     Member $35     Non-Member $40
Schedule:     Mon.-Thurs. 11:30am-12pm
Ages: 7-10
Session 1:     June 4–June 14
Session 2:     July 2–July 12
Session 3:     July 3 – July 14 (no class July 4th; makeup on July 6th) 

Ages: 10-12 (need to be able to independently swim without any assistance)
Session 1:     June 18–June 29
Session 2:     July 16–July 26 (no class July 24th; makeup on July 26th) 
Session 3:     Aug. 13-Aug. 16 (one week session/50min)

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Fall Water Polo League

Season: August 20-November 4
Pricing: Member: $95 Non-Member: $110
Hoodie:  $22 (optional)


18 and Under Division
The South Davis Water Polo team has both boys and girls 18U teams. Those on these teams represent a combination of talent, maturity, committment to living team values, and pool leadership. These teams compete at the highest levels in and out of the state of Utah.

2018 Fall Practice Schedule: Monday & Wednesday 8:00 to 10:00 pm

16 and Under Division
We are also proud to offer athletes both boys and girls teams in this division. Some years we are also able to field two teams of each gender.  In the state of Utah, these teams are the entry point of competitive play for high school athletes.

2018 Fall Schedule:  This age group will play up with the 18U team

14 and Under Division
This team is purely focused on learning the sport through conditioning, drills, scrimmages and games. First year players who wish to play on the competitive team must first pass a skills assessment. The skills assessment evaluates swim and athletic abilities, ball handling, shooting and passing, and the ability to grasp fundamental water polo strategy quickly.  Depending on our numbers, this age group can either be teams divided by gender, or can be coed teams.

2018 Fall Practice Schedule: Friday 4:00 to 5:30 pm

12 and Under Coed Teams
Some clubs like ours are large enough to field teams with just 7th and 8th grade players. So when we have the numbers, we will roster a team comprised solely of 7th and 8th graders (and sometimes even younger) so that these younger players get the oppotunity to play games against other atheletes their own age.

2018 Fall Practice Schedule: Friday 5:30 to 6:30 pm


10 and Under Teams (Grades 4-6)
Water polo is not just for big kids. Little(r) kids love the game as well!  If we have enough numbers and the ability to field a team in this age group we will.  Currently, we do not have the numbers for a 10U team.  Those that are able to meet the skills required will be able to play with the 12U team.

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