Swim Lessons: Preschool Level 3

Stroke Development

For 3-5 yr olds who have passed Preschool Level 2 or can do Preschool Level 2 exit skills.

  1. Step from side into chest-deep water, move into a float for 15 seconds, roll to back, float for 15 seconds & recover to a vertical position.
  2. Move into a back float for 15 seconds, roll to front then recover to a vertical position.
  3. Push off and swim using combined arm and leg actions on front for 5 body lengths, roll to back, swimming for 5 body lengths.
Preschool levels ARE DIFFERENT than Learn-To-Swim Progression in Levels: Once preschool students have passed Preschool level 4, the next level they should take is Learn-To-Swim Level 4 and progress through the learn-to-swim levels.
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