Facility Closure

Phone Call Office Hours:  8:00am-4:00pm M-F

UPDATE 3/31/2020

“The South Davis Recreation District Board voted on 3/30/20 to continue to keep the South Davis Recreation Center closed indefinitely, extending past the prior April 6th reopening date, due to the updated developments regarding COVID-19.  It was also decided that all Spring sports would be canceled as well.  The board will continue to monitor all developments regarding COVID-19,  will continue to meet going forward, and take into account all health department guidelines and recommendations to help determine when the recreation center and our programs will be open and ready for our customers.  We are continuing our efforts to clean, update, and sanitize the South Davis Recreation Center during this time to make sure the facility is ready when we reopen.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions M-F from 8am-4pm., as well as our social media pages for continued updates regarding the South Davis Recreation District during this closure.  Keep an eye out for trainings we are posting to our Facebook page to help keep everyone moving while we are all being asked to stay at home.  We look forward to serving our community again as soon as possible, and encourage everyone to be safe and to take care during this time.” Tif Miller, Executive Director

UPDATE 3/30/2020

If anyone is interested in listening to the Board Meeting, please call the Front Desk after 2pm at (801) 298-6220, and we will provide an email about how to join.

UPDATE 3/27/2020

Board Meeting Monday 3/30/2020 at 3:00pm via Zoom to further discuss going forward.  More details to follow.

UPDATE 3/18/2020

All those who currently hold an Annual Membership (those who paid in full) will have an extra month added to their membership.  Those with EFT Memberships, will not be pulling dues from your account for the March 20th pull and the April 5th pull.

A credit will be added to your Sportsman account to use at the facility for any program! The credit is prorated for your unused amount of time within our Swim Lesson Program for this current session.  This credit will be added to your account by March 31, 2020. You can use this credit online or in person when we open again. This will expire August 21, 2020. Our summer registrations will open at 9:00am on May 4, 2020. If you would prefer to move forward with a partial refund, or if you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact Lizie 

We are still planning on running our Spring programs. We will be postponing them by one week. All participants will be contacted by our Recreation Coordinators via email. 

UPDATE 3/16/20

Dear Patrons: 

On March 16th, 2020, the South Davis Recreation District Board voted to close the South Davis Recreation Center along with programs and classes until April 6, 2020.  The decision was based on available information regarding the COVID-19 virus and the concerns regarding the virus spreading in our community.  The board also weighed heavily the recommendations provided by the Governor’s Utah Coronavirus Task Force as well as the Federal Government’s most recent recommendation for keeping gatherings of people to 10 or less.  The board will continue to evaluate all the data and information regarding COVID-19 and its spread over the next few weeks to determine when the facility, programs and classes can reopen and begin again.  In the meantime, all current programs and classes slated to start April 6th or later have not been canceled but their start will be pushed back one week later.  We will continue to evaluate these programs as more data and information is received.

Through the information that has been provided regarding the coronavirus we want to help limit the spread as much as we can.  We will be taking steps to clean and sanitize the facility so when we do open, our patrons can feel doubly comfortable that they are in a safe and sanitized environment.  We appreciate your understanding and your patience through this challenging time.

The South Davis Recreation District takes the safety of our patrons very seriously, and we value each of our patrons and their health.  We will continue to be in contact with our members and those who signed up for classes and programs that have been canceled while continuing to look at how we can help our valued members at the South Davis Recreation Center during this time.   Please continue to follow us on our website at www.southdavisrecreation.com  and social media sites for information and updates about the closure as well as to be made aware of other avenues we can help provide fitness in our community during these times.  Please be safe, and we look forward to serving you again in the near future.

Our office hours will be Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm to answer phone calls if you have questions.

The Coordinators for each department will contact participants to let them know what will happen going forward.  Please make sure we have your correct email.  This will be how you will be contacted. You may call and check with the front desk. Please be patient as we are receiving many calls.

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