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Facility Hours:

Monday-Thursday 5am-10pm
Friday 5am-9pm
Saturday 6am-7pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

UPDATE 11/9/2020

The Governor has given an Executive Order to help to fight the spread of Covid-19 in Utah.  What does this mean for the South Davis Recreation Center? With the consultation of the Davis Count Health Department we bring you answers.

Is the South Davis Recreation Center still open?
Yes. We are currently operating under the State’s guidelines, specifically following the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-73.  Please go to https://coronavirus.utah.gov/state-of-emergency/ for additional information related to this executive order.

What is affected by the Governor’s Executive Order?

The following programs have been postponed until further notice:

  • Tsunami Swim Teams
  • High School Swim Teams
  • Masters Swim Team
  • South Davis Water Polo
  • Youth Hockey Groups
  • Adult Hockey
  • Jazz Basketball
  • Comp Basketball
  • Mens and Womens Basketball
  • All Volleyball


The Following areas will remain open during the Executive Order, but may have stricter guidelines:

  • Open Plunge Swimming (With limited numbers)
  • Lap Swimming (With limited numbers)
  • Public Ice Skating (With limited numbers and masks)
  • Freestyle Skating Sessions (With limited numbers)
  • Cardio Equipment (Must wear a mask if within 6 feet of another patron)
  • Fitness Rooms (Must wear a mask if within 6 feet of another patron)
  • Track (Must wear a mask if within 6 feet of another patron)
  • Free Weights and Weight Machines (Must wear a mask if within 6 feet of another patron)
  • Childcare (Children 3 and older must wear a mask)
  • Land and Water Fitness Classes (Class sizes will be smaller starting Friday 11/13/20)
  • Racquetball (open for same household groups)
  • Wallyball (open for same household groups)
  • Pickleball (Must wear a mask if within 6 feet of another patron)


General Operating Guidelines…

  • Open to all members and paying guests.
  • Credit Cards are requested for payment.
  • Follow strict hygiene standards, including:
    • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
    • Use hand sanitizer frequently;
    • Avoid touching your face;
    • Cover coughs or sneezes (e.g. into a tissue, sleeve, or elbow; not hands);
    • Follow any other standards promulgated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Utah Department of Health, and local health department.
  • Please maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet between different households.
  • Face Coverings are required at all times, except:
    • while actively eating or drinking;
    • While exercising indoors and maintaining at least six feet of physical distance from any other individual from a separate household;
    • While swimming or on duty as a lifeguard.
    • The following individuals are exempt:
      • a child who is younger than three years old;
      • an individual with a medical condition, mental health condition, or intellectual or developmental disability, that prevents the individual from wearing a face mask.
    • Patrons of different households, while exercising, must maintain 6 ft. of distance at all times.
    • Patrons must clean and disinfect equipment after each use. 
    • Childcare with limited capacities and hours is available.

UPDATE 10/13/2020

In accordance with the new guidance provided by the State of Utah’s new Health Guidance Levels on October 13, 2020, the South Davis Recreation Center will require face coverings to be worn by individuals age two years and older when inside the facility until October 29, 2020, or until further notice.  Face coverings are not required while physically engaged in swimming or exercising.  At other times entering, exiting, and when having completed your physical activity, face coverings should be worn.  Patrons should also continue to keep at least 6 ft of physical distance between other patrons while in the facility and exercising, as well as sanitize any equipment after using it.  Please visit https://coronavirus.utah.gov/utah-health-guidance-levels/ for more information regarding the new Health Guidance Levels. We are continuing to work with our state and local health departments regarding these new guidelines, and we will provide any updates and changes as soon as we receive any new information.  The South Davis Recreation Center will have face coverings available at the facility in a limited capacity, so patrons should bring their own.  Thank you for your understanding during this time, and we look forward to working with all of our patrons to continue to provide exercise, swimming, and recreational activities for our community.

UPDATE 7/20/2020
ALL Racquetball Courts will be available starting Tuesday July 21st.  We are sorry for the inconvenience of this extend closure.

UPDATE 6/3/2020


The South Davis Recreation District reopened the South Davis Recreation Center on May 21st.  The District Board and facility staff met again on June 1st, and it was decided that the facility would start to expand amenities and allow for more flexible use of the facility starting June 8th.  The facility in consultation with public health officials, and in accordance with the Utah Leads 4.5 phased guidelines, will begin to offer amenities such as Open Plunge, the Outdoor Pool, Public Skating and Drop in Basketball all with limited capacity. Our operations and programming will continue to be different than normal, and we will outline those changes throughout our South Davis Recreation Center Low Risk Plan 2.0 document. 

As always, this plan could change depending on direction we may receive from health officials, as well as adjustments we may need to make operationally.  Thank you all for your patience and for helping our reopening be as smooth and successful as possible.

SDRC Re-Opening FAQ’s – Low Risk Plan 2.0

How is your Low Risk Plan 2.0 different than your Low Risk Plan 1.0? 

Our plan will remain relatively similar with some notable differences. Starting June 8th, we will be open starting at 5:00am.  We will also no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Swimming or for our Weight and Cardio areas.  We will continue to have reservations for Fitness Classes, Aquatic Classes, Cycling Classes, and Freestyle Figure Skating. Racquetball can be reserved in person 2 days in advance. We will also start offering times for Open Plunge Swimming, Public Ice Skating, Drop in Hockey Skills Sessions, and Drop in Basketball.

As we start to offer more aquatic programming, the number of lanes available for lap swimming will go down compared to the number of lanes available when we reopened.

Will your facility hours be the same? 

Our facility hours will still be slightly different than usual.  Starting on June 8th, we will be open Monday –Friday from 5am – 9pm, Saturday from 6am – 7pm, and Sunday from 12pm – 4pm.  Hours could continue to change towards more traditional hours moving forward.  Please click here to be directed to hours regarding specific amenities.


What SDRC amenities will be open on Monday, June 8th?  

The SDRC is still open in a limited capacity offering Lap Swimming, Water Walking, Aquatic Programs, Weight and Cardio Workouts, Fitness Classes, Cycling Classes, Track, Figure Skating, and Racquetball.  We are adding in a limited capacity Open Plunge Swimming, Public Ice Skating, Drop in Hockey Skills Sessions, and Drop in Basketball. Also, starting June 12th, we will be available for All Night Parties and Saturday 7-9 Parties.   Please see details regarding our amenities found in our South Davis Recreation Center Low Risk Plan 2.0 here.

How do I access the facility on June 8th? 

Patrons will continue to enter the facility through the queue line that forms through our sliding front doors.  All patrons will continue to be able to register for Fitness Classes, Aquatic Classes, Cycling Classes and Freestyle Figure Skating Sessions in advance via our online web registration portal found at https://sdrd.activityreg.com/ClientPage_t2.wcs to register for a specific time and session. Racquetball can be reserved in person 2 days in advance. Those who are attending for Lap Swimming, Weight and Cardio areas, and the Track will not register, but can come in any time while we are open to participate in that activity.

Patrons attending classes or sessions are asked to enter no more than 15 minutes before their activity to minimize interactions with other patrons. We will still be requiring all patrons to check in at the front desk to receive a wristband for the area in which they are utilizing.  If after an activity, a patron desires to utilize another area of the facility we ask that they return to the front desk to receive a new wristband that corresponds with that area.

Anyone who is experiencing or showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not access the facility.  We ask that all who enter the facility continue to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entering and often during their time in the facility.  It is also encouraged and recommended that all patrons wear face masks while entering and utilizing the facility, other than in the pool. Everyone should clean and sanitize any used equipment after its use.


Will I continue to receive any discounts on my membership? 

Pass holders who are still not ready to come back to the facility can tell us they want the option to defer their memberships for an additional month at this time.  If a pass holder chooses not to defer, their Annual Passes will start back on June 20th.  Monthly EFT Pass holders who choose not to defer their pass an additional month will have their normal monthly rate withdrawn on their next withdrawal.


Do I need to take a cleansing shower before swimming?

Yes, before lap swimming, water walking, open plunge, the outdoor pool or aquatic classes you must take a cleansing shower.  The locker rooms will be available for showers and restrooms. We ask that you maintain posted social distance guidelines while in the locker rooms.  We also ask that after you are done in the pool areas, you exit the facility as soon as possible unless you plan to utilize another area of the facility.  If that is the case, please go back to the front to receive a new wristband for that area.


What are the rules for the Fitness Areas?

All patrons must maintain proper social distancing with other patrons when exercising.  Equipment must be cleaned after each use, and staff is on hand to monitor social distancing and for additional cleaning.  Please bring your own mats for stretching if needed.


Do I need to wear a face mask while working out?

The Health Department highly recommends the use of face masks for the public.  We encourage everyone to wear a mask when in the facility, other than in the pool.


Are extra steps being taken to keep the SDRC sanitized?

Yes.  We will continue to have staff on hand to help clean and sanitize equipment and high contact surfaces throughout the facility regularly throughout the day.  Patrons are being required to be vigilant about cleaning used equipment. We also will have a janitorial crew cleaning the facility each night.


Will the Outdoor Pool or Open Plunge be available starting June 8th?

Yes.  The Outdoor Pool and Open Plunge will be available starting June 8th from 1pm – 5pm Mon – Sat and from 12p – 4p on Sunday.  We will be looking to expand those hours as we move forward, and we communicated any updates regarding changes via our website.


After using the facility, can I change and get ready for work before I leave? 

We ask that you leave the facility as soon as possible after your hour. This allows staff to prepare and clean the facility and helps to keep our attendance numbers limited during this phase. Please end your work-out earlier than your hour if you need to get ready at the facility.

UPDATE 5/4/2020

To our patrons,

This afternoon, the South Davis Recreation District held a board meeting where it was decided the South Davis Recreation Center will re-open on May 21st , 2020.  This date was determined by taking many factors into account, but the main concern in mind was the safety of our patrons and employees.  Due to guidelines and direction we have been given from our state and local health departments, our operations will  for the time being need to change to accommodate social distancing between customers and make sure we are providing the safest environment possible.  Please be patient as we prepare to welcome customers back, and in the mean time we will continue to get our facility ready for your safe return while following the State of Utah’s Risk Phase guidelines. We will be providing more details about our re-opening over the next few weeks, so please keep checking our website and social media for updates.  We look forward to seeing you soon. 

UPDATE 5/1/2020

We understand it is disappointing that the Recreation Center is still closed at this time.  While the phased guidelines, from the Governor’s Office and Health Department, does address gyms and fitness centers, we know you understand that the Recreation Center is so much more than that.  The recommendation from the Governor and the Health Department is for gyms and fitness centers to remain closed during the moderate risk phase; should a facility decide to open strict distancing and cleaning guidance should be adhered to. District Management is assessing how the Recreation Center could open, while adhering to the safety criteria and guidelines provided by the Health Department and be as responsible as we can be for the District and the community of South Davis County. Please be patient and watch our website and social media pages for the most up-to-date information.  Thank you for your support.

UPDATE 4/27/2020

“Currently, the South Davis Recreation Center remains closed to the public.  We are continuing to review and evaluate the guidelines presented by our governmental leaders to prepare for when we open in the future.  Our next board meeting is scheduled for May 4th at 2:00pm, and the timeline for the opening of the facility will be one of the topics covered.  If there are any  changes before then, we will definitely update everyone on our website. 

Races:   Our Splash and Sprint Triathlon that was to be held on May 9th has been changed from an in person triathlon to a virtual duathlon race.  Please go to https://www.southdavisraces.com/2020-virtual-bike-and-sprint-duatholon/ for more information regarding this updated event and to register.

Summer Programs: We are hopeful that we will be able to run our summer programs as planned.  Registration was scheduled to open May 4th but will be postponed until more information is known regarding the guidelines allowed for these programs provided by our governmental leaders.  We will continue to update everyone regarding the new registration and program dates.

We continue to welcome you to post comments through the link on our website and through social media.  We will respond as soon as possible.  Our office hours during this time are 8:00am – 4:00pm Mon-Fri for phone calls.  We look forward to being able to serve our community again, and we hope that everyone continues to remain safe.”

UPDATE 3/31/2020

“The South Davis Recreation District Board voted on 3/30/20 to continue to keep the South Davis Recreation Center closed indefinitely, extending past the prior April 6th reopening date, due to the updated developments regarding COVID-19.  It was also decided that all Spring sports would be canceled as well.  The board will continue to monitor all developments regarding COVID-19,  will continue to meet going forward, and take into account all health department guidelines and recommendations to help determine when the recreation center and our programs will be open and ready for our customers.  We are continuing our efforts to clean, update, and sanitize the South Davis Recreation Center during this time to make sure the facility is ready when we reopen.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions M-F from 8am-4pm., as well as our social media pages for continued updates regarding the South Davis Recreation District during this closure.  Keep an eye out for trainings we are posting to our Facebook page to help keep everyone moving while we are all being asked to stay at home.  We look forward to serving our community again as soon as possible, and encourage everyone to be safe and to take care during this time.” Tif Miller, Executive Director

UPDATE 3/30/2020

If anyone is interested in listening to the Board Meeting, please call the Front Desk after 2pm at (801) 298-6220, and we will provide an email about how to join.

UPDATE 3/27/2020

Board Meeting Monday 3/30/2020 at 3:00pm via Zoom to further discuss going forward.  More details to follow.

UPDATE 3/18/2020

All those who currently hold an Annual Membership (those who paid in full) will have an extra month added to their membership.  Those with EFT Memberships, will not be pulling dues from your account for the March 20th pull and the April 5th pull.

A credit will be added to your Sportsman account to use at the facility for any program! The credit is prorated for your unused amount of time within our Swim Lesson Program for this current session.  This credit will be added to your account by March 31, 2020. You can use this credit online or in person when we open again. This will expire August 21, 2020. Our summer registrations will open at 9:00am on May 4, 2020. If you would prefer to move forward with a partial refund, or if you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact Lizie 

We are still planning on running our Spring programs. We will be postponing them by one week. All participants will be contacted by our Recreation Coordinators via email. 

UPDATE 3/16/20

Dear Patrons: 

On March 16th, 2020, the South Davis Recreation District Board voted to close the South Davis Recreation Center along with programs and classes until April 6, 2020.  The decision was based on available information regarding the COVID-19 virus and the concerns regarding the virus spreading in our community.  The board also weighed heavily the recommendations provided by the Governor’s Utah Coronavirus Task Force as well as the Federal Government’s most recent recommendation for keeping gatherings of people to 10 or less.  The board will continue to evaluate all the data and information regarding COVID-19 and its spread over the next few weeks to determine when the facility, programs and classes can reopen and begin again.  In the meantime, all current programs and classes slated to start April 6th or later have not been canceled but their start will be pushed back one week later.  We will continue to evaluate these programs as more data and information is received.

Through the information that has been provided regarding the coronavirus we want to help limit the spread as much as we can.  We will be taking steps to clean and sanitize the facility so when we do open, our patrons can feel doubly comfortable that they are in a safe and sanitized environment.  We appreciate your understanding and your patience through this challenging time.

The South Davis Recreation District takes the safety of our patrons very seriously, and we value each of our patrons and their health.  We will continue to be in contact with our members and those who signed up for classes and programs that have been canceled while continuing to look at how we can help our valued members at the South Davis Recreation Center during this time.   Please continue to follow us on our website at www.southdavisrecreation.com  and social media sites for information and updates about the closure as well as to be made aware of other avenues we can help provide fitness in our community during these times.  Please be safe, and we look forward to serving you again in the near future.

Our office hours will be Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm to answer phone calls if you have questions.

The Coordinators for each department will contact participants to let them know what will happen going forward.  Please make sure we have your correct email.  This will be how you will be contacted. You may call and check with the front desk. Please be patient as we are receiving many calls.

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