Please select the form needed below.  Remember, all forms are subject for approval.  Submitting a form does not automatically confirm you are approved.  Please follow up with the front desk if you have not received confirmation your request has been approved and processed.

EFT Cancellation

You have fulfilled your 12 month contract and want to cancel your Electronic Funds Transfer membership. Must be  turned in 12 day prior to next transaction date being requested.


You have a special circumstance where you are requesting an exception to the rule.  Requests can take up to two weeks to process. 



You need to make a change to your account.  This includes billing, change membership type, add or remove someone from your account, etc. 

Refund Request

Refunds are subject for approval by the department head.  There is a $5 service charge for all refunds.

Employment Application

We are always accepting applications for various positions.  Please be specific in what position you are applying for. Fill out a separate application for each position. 

South Davis Recreation Board Application

We are currently accepting applications from individuals interested in becoming a South Davis Recreation District Board Member.  Applications will be accepted from 4/15/24 – 5/3/24.

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