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Post Quarantine:  Back in Healthy Habits


Let’s face it, we all got a little off track the past few months.  If you found your pants or sweats fitting tighter and found yourself reaching for more desserts, you are not alone.  Nobody told me in March that all my good habits were about to go out the window. 

Forgive Yourself:  We went through some stressful changes.  Going a little Stir Crazy is allowed.

Bucket List:  Besides going to get your hair done and summer vacations put fitness and health on the list.

Start Slow:  Celebrate your small achievements, like not sleeping in until 9 am.  Add another fitness class.  Skip dessert tonight.

Exercise:  Boosts your Mood and reduces Stress

Add Foods:  Eat more of these to lose weight:

  • Vegetables: leafy greens, broccoli, cucumbers, and peppers on every plate
  • Fruit:  choose high fiber fruits every day like berries, pears and apples
  • Protein: especially lean proteins, like chicken or turkey, eggs and fish
  • Legumes: high in fiber and protein, beans and lentils will help keep you full
  • Dairy: aim for high protein dairy, like Greek yogurt
  • Healthy Fats: nuts, seeds and avocado are satisfying and filling
  • Whole Grains: high fiber whole grains, oatmeal, quinoa, or brown rice


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