Join us for some great classes over the holiday season:

Monday, December 23, 4:30 pm- Kids Zumba Pajama Party with Karmel and Leslie! Kids Zumba is for kids 5-12

Tuesday, December 24, 8:30am-9:45am- Hoiday Aqua Zumba Master Class with Karmel. Wear your festive attire!

Tuesday, December 24 (all other classes cancelled)
8:00am Yoga with Bryan
9:00am Cycle with Adam
9:00am Step with Jill
10:00am Zumba with Tiff, Karmel, Leslie, Taylor and Patti

Wednesday, December 25- Closed

Thursday, December 26 (all other classes cancelled)
8:00am Pilates with Andrea N.
9:00am Cycle with Andrea N.
9:00am Turbokick with Liz H.
10:00am Toning with Liz H.
11:00am Silver Sneakers with Andrea N.

Tuesday, December 31 (all other classes cancelled)
8:00am Yoga with Debbie
9:00am Cyle with Lisa
9:00am Cardio Tone with Debbie
10:00am Zumba with Tiffany
11:00am Silver Sneakers with Torri

Wednesday, January 1 (all other classes cancelled)
8:00am Pilates Barr with Sheri
9:00am Zumba with Patti and Taylor
9:00am Cycle with Sheri
10:00am Bootcamp with Janene
11:00am Silver Sneakers with Lisa



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