As many know, yesterday was met with sorrow as one of our residents died from injuries as a result of voluntarily jumping from the 3rd level running track at the South Davis Recreation Center. Video surveillance confirms that the woman’s actions were voluntary and that there were no safety hazards that could have prevented this tragedy.

The South Davis Recreation Center has always been committed to being a place where families can come and enjoy time together while enjoying a variety of activities that promote wellness, fitness, and community.

We are grateful to the patrons, staff, paramedics, and fire and police departments that handled this most difficult situation with grace and dignity.

We have made arrangements with Davis Behavioral Health to provide a group session counseling to the public on Thursday January 7th at 10:00 am at the South Davis Recreation Center. This is available to any patron who witnessed the incident and would like professional help coping with that experience.

For media questions and other inquiries about the incident please contact the Bountiful Police Department.

For questions about the grief counseling please contact Mary Gadd at or (801) 298-6220.

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