South Davis Recreation Center Rules and Regulations

(as amended to August 15, 2011)

       The Board of the South Davis Recreation District has adopted the following rules and regulations for conducting of the affairs of the South Davis Recreation Center, including rules that govern the conduct of guests, patrons, individual users, groups and persons holding memberships and to provide for the denial of entry, removal and/or termination of membership of any person using the Center facilities in violation of the terms hereof.  Each person present on the Recreation Center premises or using any of the Center facilities and each member must abide by the rules and regulations adopted and amended from time to time by the Board of the District. Each member agrees that such rules and regulations are part of the membership agreement between the member and the South Davis Recreation Center and that all members are bound thereby.  The Board of the District reserves the right to modify and amend any of the rules and regulations governing the Recreation Center at any time.

  • All admissions, memberships and passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Cards must be presented each time a member enters the South Davis Recreation Center. A charge of $10.00 shall be made for all replacement cards.
  • All rules set forth on any signs posted in the Center are hereby incorporated by this reference as part of these rules and regulations as though fully set forth herein. All persons using any portion of the Center shall comply with these rules and regulations.
  •  Only persons 16 years and older are allowed in the weight room and cardio area. Children age 14 and 15 will be allowed to use these areas upon completion of a certification course, given by the District fitness staff.
  • The District, its employees, officers, agents or volunteers will not be responsible for any lost or stolen property or damage to personal property, vehicles or valuables.
  • The Center operating hours are established by the District’s full time management and may be changed from time to time.
  • All areas of the Center will not always be available at all times. No membership extensions or partial refunds will be given due to facility closures for required maintenance, scheduled special events or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Courteous behavior is required of all guests, users of facilities, patrons and members, profanity, shouting and other forms of discourteous behavior are not allowed.
  •  Members, users of facilities, patrons and guests shall not engage in any conduct that is annoying, threatening, or injurious to any persons employed by or using the Center nor shall they engage in any conduct that causes others to fear for their safety.
  • Members, users of facilities, patrons and guests shall wear proper attire applicable to the activity at all times.
  • No drinking of alcoholic beverages, illegal drug use or smoking is allowed in the facility or on facility grounds.
  • While swimming, any child under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult who is also in the water. Anyone under the age of 3 years old and those not toilet trained must wear an approved swim diaper and plastic covering.
  • No coaching, teaching or training in any form is allowed at the South Davis Recreation Center unless authorized in writing by the District’s full time management.
  • All Recreation Center memberships are subject to review and verification of accuracy of information given. Some adjustments may incur additional fees.  Applicants for membership may be asked to provide a current IRS Tax Return to verify dependents listed on their application.

       The District reserves the right to remove any person from and to bar the use of the Center by any person and/or to terminate the membership of any member if the District determines that the person or member is (a) guilty of conduct unbecoming a lady or gentleman; (b) has violated the South Davis Recreation Center Rules and Regulations; (c) has allowed a non-member to use his or her membership; (d) fails to make payment of admission fees, user fees, dues or other amounts as required; (e) steals or damages property of the Center or of any other member or guest; (f) intentionally damages Center equipment or facilities; (g) refuses to abide by the operating procedures, rules and regulations for use of the Center as established by the District’s full time management. In such cases a terminated individual user shall be removed, and a terminated member shall receive written notice of termination stating the reasons therefore.  A terminated individual user or member may appeal their removal or termination to the District Board.  Appeals shall be filed in writing with the Executive Director.  Thereafter the Board shall hold a hearing on the appeal and shall hear evidence regarding the removal or termination.  The Board may uphold, reverse or modify the terms of removal or termination as deemed appropriate in each case.

       The District may, in its sole discretion, terminate any member’s membership without cause by simply so stating the District’s intention in a written notice of termination. Termination will not be based on race, creed, color or sex.  The South Davis Recreation Center reserves the right to refuse service and use of the Recreation Center facilities to any person for cause.

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