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Team Contact

Phone:  Kiele Nelson (801)298-6233



Facebook:  South Davis Aquatics Team

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Tsunami Swim Team

The Tsunami Swim Team is the  South Davis Recreation Centers age group swim team.  Swimmers must pass level 6 swimming lessons or have equivalent skills to join.  For tryouts, please email our Swim Team Manager Kiele Nelson. 

Schedule and Pricing


Entry level swim group, for swimmers with no swim team experience.  Swimmers must have passed level 6.  Emphasis on developing all four strokes, starts, turns and FUN!


Introductory level for swimmers with at least one year of swim team experience. The focus is continued work on developing the four strokes, introducing swimming endurance, and continuing to foster the love of the sport.


Swimmers continue to build on previous achievements with an emphasis on swimming stamina, developing ability to swim sets, and having fun.

Blue & Green

Youngest competition group for swimmers looking to qualify for State Championship meets and progress in the sport of swimming.

Jr. Elite

This group is geared toward swimmers with demonstrated aspirations and commitment to prepare for state level championships and eventually future regional and national level competitions.


This group is for high school aged swimmers who show a high level of dedication and commitment towards making regional and national level swim meets.

Team Member Non-Member
Tides $45 $55
Waves $50 $60
Storm $50 $60
Blue $60 $70
Green $60 $70
Jr. Elite $60 $70
Elite $70 $80


Mandatory Fees
Registration $30
USA Registration Fee $85
Team Fee $30
Other Fees Might Include
Meet Fees $20-$40 per meet
Equipment (if needed) $15-$45


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