Self-Talk: What you say to yourself

As you step onto the court, field, or pool deck what is going through your mind? “What if I mess up? What if I let my team down? I’m really nervous. I’m excited. I wonder how good this team is?”. These thoughts are known as self-talk; the...

Concentration: What it is and how to improve it

Have your athletes ever had a hard time focusing? Do they get easily distracted? Concentration is one of the most important aspects of an athlete’s performance as well as one of the hardest things to control. This month’s newsletter will discuss what...

Relaxation: Learning to control mind and body

Relaxation: Learning to control mind and body Have your athletes ever been nervous or scared before or during a competition? Have feelings of cold clammy hands, increased muscle tension, headache, dazed look, inability to concentrate, butterflies, or just feeling...
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