Cryotherapy is a word often heard within the elite athletic community but few can take advantage of it because it’s simply not available.  But for Northern Utah I am excited to say that has changed.  When Wasatch Chill Zone first contacted me I was thrilled to learn that we now have a new facility right here in Bountiful!  I jumped at the opportunity to give whole body cryotherapy a try for myself.  So you might be asking what is cryotherapy?

Basically cryotherapy is quickly chilling the body after a workout to help accelerate recovery.  It shrinks the blood vessels and slows the release of white blood cells which cause pain and inflammation which impeding healing.  The blood rushes to the core is circulated and oxygenated well; then when the body warms back up all the oxygen rich blood flushes back to the joints and muscles. Cryotherapy is the same concept as “icing” however it only takes 3 minutes in the chamber. A tradition ice-bath can take up to 25 minutes and only works a portion of your body.  I’m not going to lie, it is COLD and takes your breath away.  You can see me (pictured above) at -251 degrees (I  think the hat keep me warm some LOL).

It was quite nippy in that chamber filled with foggy nitrogen gas.  I believe it got down to -265 before my session was over brrrrr.  But I must say, I was surprised at how quickly I warmed up after and I could feel the warm blood flush into my muscles. I warmed up much faster than I do after an ice bath.  This whole body therapy has been known to reduce inflammation, chronic pain (rheumatoid or osteoarthritis) and other ailments, so it can be used by anyone.  I was really impressed with the clean, homey environment at Wasatch Chill Zone too.  Learn more

~ Coach Lora Erickson



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